Train your supervisors to communicate in a way that resolves issues and your employees will stay.

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Leadership Development

Benefits of Leadership Training Include . . .

  • Learn what drives engagement and productivity
  • Discover how the quality of leadership influences the rate of turnover
  • Understand the true cost of turnover, both the direct and indirect costs
  • Create an action plan to reach goals and be held accountable to do them

Team Building Leadership Game

Learning Objectives . . .

  • Applied interaction and edification in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Take a deeper dive into company goals and values
  • Learn the values and concerns of coworkers
  • Discuss company success and goals

Conflict Resolution Training

Learning Objectives . . .

  • Learn the techniques to navigate a tough talk. 
  • Recognize the negative effects of believing our opinions are true
  • Regain control of a conversation that has turned negative

Half-Day Workshop

Learning Objectives: 

  • A deeper dive into company goals and values
  • Learn how effective leadership builds successful teams which lead to increased employee productivity
  • Learn the ingredients of leadership to combine with recognition to reduce turnover
  • Interaction and edification in a relaxed atmosphere which strengthens the team
  • Learn the values and concerns of coworkers
  • Apply the information through small group breakouts


Learning Objectives

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Enhance your communication and presentation skills
  • Discuss the importance of leading yourself before leading others
  • Learn how to influence others which is the essence of leadership
  • Developing trust and what that looks like as a leader
  • The importance of listening as a leader
  • Good leaders ask great questions

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